Morning without coffee is like a sleep!

Before our awakening meeting in Bali in 2007, each of us has already spent a number of years in creative marketing communications, started in the middle of 90s in Jakarta. This meeting has led us to realize that Kopi Panas has the power to unite us. We, further, recognize that Kopi Panas has become our daily must-to-do ritual. “Morning without coffee is like asleep!” Doing the jobs delightedly on its highest best quality is our simple working philosophy. It colors our working practices effortless for the job itself is pleasurable indeed.

It ends more amusing for the defined rewards. It is evident that we are driven by our passion, even more we dare to state that this is our calling! Satisfied clients, partners and suppliers is not a distinctive achievement for us. Working to achieve the highest level of quality joyfully is imperative. It is not our target! Kopi Panas turns us to be not only a bunch of hardworking and smart worker, yet creative worker. We probably neither the best nor the biggest, yet it is crystal clear that we are different for Kopi Panas is “The Eye Opener”.


We are passionate of what we do, not just “understand” but also experienced and we take pride in making your job as easy as possible. We can be part of as much or as little of your events as you wish. Whatever partnership we have together, you can always be sure that we will stick by your side and help you every step of the way… to make it happen.

We take care of all the details, as well as behind the scenes logistics, ensuring you can having fun with your delegates and enjoy watching all your hard work come together.


Helping you to engaged to your consumers every where around Bali or any other part of Indonesia, our media plays multiple audience targeting roles, efficiently and effectively. We can assure the best delivery in every part of our service from media planning up to executions.

To find out how our media can help you target and amplify a consumer message; and to discover more about the communication channels we offer, simply choose the section that appeals to you the most, and have a look round.


We believe that we will have fun for developing every creative tools you need. For this is who we are – creative people! We doing it not just based on our capability, but it’s because we love doing it. It’s like our everyday playground.

We develop brand systems, including visual identities, consumer packaging, digital experiences and physical environments. Our designs bring ideas to life, transform your brand to something not just we can proud of but will “touch“ your consumers.